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Groups of 2-8 students can study together, virtually, from anywhere in the world! We use groundbreaking technology, white boards, and virtual notes to run study sessions for classes, test prep, and more ... all from the comfort of your home.

One student takes the mantle of group leader. He or she schedules the session, chooses the academic subject, and enters the name and email of up to seven family members, classmates, or friends. We issue instructions for login for all students to join us for virtual tutoring. 

One household, acting as the group leader, signs up and purchases the group session. This household will pay for the group session in-full, and it is their responsibility to obtain reimbursement from other members of the group. Follow up information will be sent to the group leader. Group member, subject, or test changes are not permitted. There are NO cancellations or reschedules for missed sessions.

Kate's Tutoring is committed to offering excellent subject tutoring, test prep, and more -- but we also recognize that our prices may not be easily affordable for all. With virtual study groups, however, we can work together to bring more students higher scores.

Virtual Team Meeting
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