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Your Custom-Made Test Preparation Program

Other companies come in with a cookie cutter version of AP prep -- not us! We believe that every student is different and that you deserve a flexible system in which to learn. We have some "systematic" lessons that we teach, then we focus on YOUR weaknesses. 

All of our programs are 100% customizable. If you want more hours, we can do that! If you're running out of time, we'll work with that too.

Check out our recommended timeline here.

Studying on the Grass

Midterms & Finals Preparation 

ongoing / hourly basis

Don't let these exams catch you off guard; you know they're coming, so it makes sense to study a little each week and then add a few hours the week before your exams. 

RECOMMEND: ongoing

AP Preparation

20-40 hours

We recommend starting AP test prep the very first day of your AP class. Studying for even just one hour a week can dramatically improve scores on both class tests and the real exam. That said, we know life happens and we offer courses starting in Feb. for AP review.

RECOMMEND: 20+ hrs.

Essay Assistance

custom hours

Our rates are flexible based on how much you need; just a pass for grammar? Great! Need help from outline to final? That's okay too. Generic essay prep does not include college application essays.

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