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About Kate's Experience

Kate Hackett, Maryland native and California resident, is the founder and president of Kate's Tutoring. She graduated with honors from an elite school in Maryland in just three years and then did it again, graduating cum laude from Boston University in just three years with a Bachelors in History and an academic scholarship. 

Ms. Hackett has over 15 years of tutoring and teaching experience with thousands of hours of both one-on-one and classroom teaching. She has worked as a private tutor, test prep coach, and classroom teacher coach. She specializes in the SAT, ACT, ISEE, and SSAT test prep as well as a bevy of academic subjects. Ms. Hackett particularly enjoys teaching English and history, is a member of the American Tutor Association, and holds a teaching certification from the state of California.

In 2012, after many years working for leading test prep and tutoring companies, Ms. Hackett decided that individual programs designed specifically for each student mattered so much more than all of the "cookie cutter" approaches the larger companies took. 

She struck out on her own and founded Kate's Tutoring, where she has been able to make the most of her personal teaching philosophy: one size definitely does not fit all.

Ms. Hackett emphasizes creativity in the learning process, which makes sense given her background in the performing arts. It helps her connect with many different students and find new and different ways to approach problems or questions. She really believes in developing a friendly rapport while pushing students' minds to analyze for themselves. Bottom line: your kid will enjoy the session AND make improvements.

Kate is a licensed and certified teacher with the California Teaching Commission, CTC #120563373. She is a mandated reporter and has updated fingerprinting / LiveScan certifications. 

When she's not teaching, Ms. Hackett lives with the best dog in the world (sorry other dogs), two cats, and sometimes foster kittens. She enjoys hiking, camping, swimming, reading, and writing. As of March 2020, her sessions have moved almost exclusively online.

Kate Hackett
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Why Choose Kate's Tutoring?

1) I'm an expert in my field. I have been tutoring for nearly fifteen years and have over thousands of hours of tutoring under my belt.I graduated top of my class with honors at both my high school and the illustrious Boston University. My scores on the SAT, ACT, AP tests, and subject tests have been near perfect or perfect. I know these subjects.

2) I am creative, conscientious, and a stickler. 

Creative: I pride myself on being able to adjust and connect with all students. Part of being a great teacher is being able to adapt lessons to individual students. It's also one of my favorite parts of teaching; I can listen to my students and adjust ideas so they better understand a subject.

Conscientious: We work together thoughtfully and thoroughly. I care about your child's work being done well as much as I care about her enriching her education.

Stickler: While I am absolutely personable and promote fun during our sessions, I also know when I need to be tough -- so you don't have to!


3) I am a lifelong student. The world is ever-changing and, fortunately, so is our understanding of it. I seek to never stop learning, never stop wondering, and I'm happy to say that I don't think I ever will.  


4) Your success is critical to me. Unlike large tutoring companies, my size means that your happiness -- and your student's success -- matters tenfold to me. You will never get lost in the shuffle here, you KNOW who your tutor is every single day, and I take pains to be there above and beyond for all my clients. I know my services are not cheap -- but they are designed to be worth every penny.

Meet The Team

Stephen Petro Tutor

Stephen Petro

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Stephen has been tutoring since 2013. He received his bachelor’s degree in History &; Philosophy from Drew University. He continued onto a Master’s program in Neurobiology & Behavior at Columbia University and published a book on Value Theory & Ethics while attending.


He has tutored in various subjects both as part of formal academic programs and in informal one-to-one settings. These include: SAT English & Math, ACT English, Science, & Math, ISEE, SSAT, SHSAT, and course subjects such as

Undergraduate Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Statistics, Essay Writing, French, Philosophy, and Antebellum & Postbellum American History.

Learning is just as much about inspiring a motivation to learn as it is about the information itself. Therefore, his teaching goal revolves around helping the student

develop belief in their abilities and utilizing that to empower them in the hard work it will take to succeed.

Annie Bryant Tutor

Annie Bryant

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Annie holds a bachelor's of science in mechanical engineering.

Annie has worked as a professional tutor for over eight years, specializing in mathematics. She has extensive experience in middle and high school mathematics including Algebra and Calculus. In addition to mathematics, Annie has also worked with students on their ACT/SAT and has successfully aided all of her students in achieving their targeted scores. 


In all of her tutoring sessions, Annie prioritizes student engagement and works to keep all sessions fun and light. She prioritizes each individual student's needs. She has a philosophy that every student can be good at math (school), if given the right tools and support. 

Katie Moose Tutor

Katie Moose

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Katie Moose is an Atlanta native currently living in Idaho. She holds a Master of Public Health degree, along with over four years of doctoral studies at Georgia State University. She has also earned a Bachelor of Science in Biotechnology and Cellular Biology at Georgia Gwinnett

College. She is a published author of many scientific journal articles and has worked with many esteemed institutions.


Though she loves her work in the lab, teaching is her passion. She has been a professional tutor for over 12 years for numerous subjects and grade levels, including graduate and adult learning. Her specialties are

STEM, ACT/SAT/ACCUPLACER/GRE/GED test prep, AP classes, college admissions, college and career mentoring, essay preparation and editing, and English/ESL.

Her teaching philosophies include establishing meaningful and lasting relationships with students, tailoring instruction to accommodate their individual needs, and using sessions to improve students holistically through confidence building and checking in with their mental health. She believes education is important and all students can succeed given the correct support and motivation.

Angela Gulner Tutor

Angela Gulner

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Angela is a Harvard graduate and experienced writer. She is organized, passionate, and flexible in her teaching. She has over ten years of experience in working with students and believes that efficient, effective communication is key to a successful tutoring relationship.

Angela works with students in elementary through middle school math as well as English, writing, and reading, which she teaches through a professional level. 

Safety & Security

Kate's Tutoring strives to provide a safe environment for all students. 

Professional, Expert Tutors

Our highly curated roster of tutors have been carefully screened and are noted experts in their field. They are certified teachers, professors, and come from top tier schools. They are all based in the U.S. 

All tutors are screed, certified, and background checked.

Every tutor has undergone a thorough application process and background checks via a trusted third party, which includes a criminal background check, education verification, and sex offender check.

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