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Your Custom-Made Test Preparation Program

Other companies come in with a cookie cutter version of SAT & ACT prep -- not us! We believe that every student is different and that you deserve a flexible system in which to learn. We have some "systematic" lessons that we teach, then we focus on YOUR weaknesses. We cover the SAT & ACT as well as an array of AP tests and general test prep.

All of our programs are 100% customizable. If you want more hours, we can do that! If you're running out of time, we'll work with that too.

Check out our recommended timeline here.

Studying in Garden

ACT & SAT Preparation

 20-40 hours

We recommend 20 hour, 30 hour, or 40 hour tutoring prep for the ACT or SAT -- that gives us 2-3 months on the low end to prepare to raise your scores. We cover essay writing, math, reading, writing, and science (ACT only) in this time.

RECOMMEND: 30 hrs.

AP Preparation

20-40 hours

We recommend starting AP test prep the very first day of your AP class. Studying for even just one hour a week can dramatically improve scores on both class tests and the real exam. That said, we know life happens and we offer courses starting in Feb. for AP review.

RECOMMEND: 20+ hrs.

ACT Crash Course

DIY Pace

We get it. One on one tutoring can get pricey. Or maybe you started studying a little bit late. Whatever the case, I've developed a new crash course to help. You'll get a 65 page PDF complete with tips and tricks to help you practice.

$49.99 flat, one time rate. Email for payment & delivery.


If you find you're a bit short on time, that's okay. If you work hard, three weeks of lead time can be enough to help bump your score.

Students with at least three weeks should meet with me twice a week for 2 hours each; that gives us 20 hours. You will be expected to spend a substantial amount of time  on this test and homework will be assigned. Plan to spend at least 2 hours on homework for every 1 hour of tutoring we have together.


This is the ideal way to prepare for these exams. We work together once a week for two hour sessions over the course of at least 3 months. You will still have outside work to do, but it's a much more leisurely pace in general.

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