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Award-Winning Social Studies & History Tutors
Learn from the best instructors in critical thinking and history.
With rich academic backgrounds and a love for uncovering historical narratives, our tutors inspire students to engage with history critically, fostering a deep appreciation for the complexities and lessons of the past.

Teacher with Students

Complete Education

Step into the captivating world of history with Kate's Tutoring. Our history tutoring services are designed to transport students through time, unraveling the stories, events, and individuals that have shaped our world.


At Kate's Tutoring, we understand that history isn't just about memorizing dates and facts; it's about understanding the context, analyzing perspectives, and drawing meaningful connections. Our experienced history tutors are passionate about bringing the past to life, offering engaging discussions, insightful analysis, and critical thinking exercises.


Whether you're exploring ancient civilizations, modern revolutions, or global conflicts, our tutors are here to guide you through the narratives, helping you grasp the significance of historical moments and their relevance today. Join us at to embark on a historical journey that ignites curiosity and cultivates a deeper understanding of our shared human story.

Common Courses

1 / Elementary & Middle School

Article Analysis
Thought-provoking engagement
Writing and articulating complex arguments
World politics
World history
Ancient history
All subjects/topics 
2 / High School & Beyond
European History
World History
U.S. History
Ancient history
AP Levels available, please see our AP test prep for specific exam work
All subjects/topics 

A Custom Game Plan

Below we have an example of some common support we offer for students from elementary through high school.

Short & Sweet

8-10 Hours, roughly two months of instruction. 

This is ideal for students who just need a little bit of help on a large project, paper, or exam.

The Semester

Approximately 25-30 hours over 3-4 months. This is ideal for students who want comprehensive assistance for an entire term.

The Year

 Get one on one personalized help all year long. This runs from back to school all the way through finals, approximately 50 hours. Ideal for students who need review or a consistent helper.

History and Social Studies Digital Workbook and Study Guide


Or you can buy our workbook and get cracking on your own!

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