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College Campus


Paired with our Test Prep program for the ISEE or SSAT, you're bound for success.

Discovering the ideal educational environment for your child is a pivotal choice in your parenting journey. Drawing from our extensive fifteen-year background in private school admissions, we have honed a personalized methodology to assist you in pinpointing the perfect school match. Our approach expertly navigates you through the entire application process, ensuring a seamless experience from initiation to completion.

Interview Workshop 

Many students find that talking about themselves is uncomfortable -- to which we say: WHY? You're great! Let's enjoy it.

We cover how to speak about your accomplishments with confidence, how to assert yourself, and how to have an enjoyable interview experience.

RECOMMEND: 4-7 hourly sessions

ISEE or SSAT Preparation- 20-40 hours

We recommend 20 hour, 30 hour, or 40 hour tutoring prep for the ISEE/SSAT -- that gives us 2-3 months on the low end to prepare to raise your scores. 

RECOMMEND: 30 hrs.


Get help crafting that perfect application essay! Our tutors workshop your writing, creating something that is uniquely YOU that will surely impress college officials.

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