Online Tutoring

Online Tutoring provides the same high-quality education you expect from Kate's Tutoring with several benefits. 

Location is no longer an issue. Wherever you live, you have access to the perfect tutor for your child and you can use that tutor from anywhere in the world! You won't risk interruptions to your child's learning for weather, traffic, accidents, or vacations.

Online tutoring saves you a commute and opens up more time slots. We can work anywhere with a good internet connection, which means we can find more hours to accommodate your schedule.

Every online session comes with a white board that your student can take screenshots of, notes on, and keep forever. Never forget another session or lesson! We've established a robust infrastructure and resources to support the move to an online model. 


The resources I have at my fingertips when students have questions are FAR more vast than what we would have in person. I can also keep strong tabs on every assignment they have for school when we work online. 

Bottom line: the quality of one on one and small group tutoring is exactly the same; you may as well save some time and money by working online with us!

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