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Supplemental Classes for Growth

A dear friend of mine, Kelvin O'Bryant, has partnered with Perspectives to offer three classes for different age groups. In a time when the world can seem so scary, I think it's absolutely imperative that our kids have a safe place to grow, learn, and experience new ideas. I wanted to share his courses with my community and hope that they are of interest to some of you!

Anyone that books any class from our recommendation will receive a 15% discount. Just have them write KELVIN15 in the comments/questions part of their application.

Utopia -An open forum-

-Fridays 11-11:30 AM

-Grades: 1-5

-Perfection is an elusive, impossible ideal. Nonetheless, it is incumbent upon all the world's perfectly imperfect creatures to shoot for that unreachable star. Participants will begin to create their version of the perfect world. We will discuss ideas in an open, honest, & safe space in the hopes of, collectively, coming up with a list of things we can do each day to make the world a better place.

Dealer's Choice -A personal historic journey-

-Monday or Wednesday 6-6:45 PM

-Grades: 6-8

-Deep diving into the history of our passions has the potential to throw gasoline on an already burning fire. Participants will be encouraged to give careful thought to what really gets them excited (an incredibly beneficial exercise in itself). Anything goes. It could be a person (Simone Biles), specific period in time (The roaring 20's), place (Rome), or a thing (X-Box). We will delve deep into their specific origin stories, discover interesting facts, & fearlessly take whatever detours may spark an interest.

Power of Perspective -Everybody has a story-

-Tuesday or Thursday 6-6:45 PM

-Grades: 9-12

-History has, historically, been taught from a singular point of view. Leaving generations of children in the dark about the actual experiences of countless groups of people who, in a very big way, shaped the world we live in today. Viewing history from different perspectives not only gives us a more well rounded account of the past, it also deepens our capacity for empathy. Participants will use Howard Zinn's "A Young People's History of the United States" as a springboard into the past. After breaking down the facts of the text, each student will be assigned a group of people (i.e. women, Native Americans, farmers, immigrants, etc.). After which we will have an open & honest discussion about each group's experience, asking each other specific questions, and sharing ideas about how we can better shape the future to be much more inclusive and understanding.

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