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Just How Effective Is Online Tutoring?

New research shows that online tutoring can, in fact, be very effective!

As parents and teachers alike search for ways to help navigate the Covid Slide and the national teacher shortage, they might find relief in the results of two studies from Spain and Italy confirming that virtual tutoring can help kids learn.

In a paper published last month, researchers in Spain showed that students in a tutoring group had higher standardized test scores and grades.

They tested 175 students from 12-15 years old by pairing them with trained math tutors. The tutors worked with groups of two students over the course of eight weeks, all done virtually for three 50-minute sessions a week. The tutors helped with math as well as "build[ing] good work routines and support[ing] their emotional well-being."

The rise in grades was estimated to be equal to the bump six extra months of school would provide.

The Italian experiment was similar: 1,000 students from 76 schools throughout Italy completed virtual training modules and were coupled with tutors. Each tutor worked with one student for the entire program for 3-6 hours a week.

In this program, researchers saw standardized test score improvement as well as a boost to the students' attendance, how much time they spent on homework, and their general sense of well-being.

It's very exciting news for parents who are searching for the perfect tutor; they can expand their pool significantly and meet with tutors anywhere in the world to make sure their child has the best experience.

We at Kate's Tutoring are equally thrilled that online tutoring has been proven effective; we've been saying it for years and now we have data!

If you're looking for a perfect tutor for your child, don't hesitate to schedule a meeting with us today.

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