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When to NOT Get a Tutor

These Sound Like You? DO NOT Get a Tutor! You don't need one!

Whoa, whoa, whoa -- that's right. I'm telling you when to NOT get a tutor, when you do not need one. Yeah, I'm probably talking myself out of work, but you know what? Your money and time are both valuable and there are circumstances in which you simply do not need to pay someone to help your child. Check them out!

1. Your child is younger than 2nd grade.

I strongly recommend holding off on expensive private tutors for young elementary (and pre-elementary) aged students. They don't need me yet; they need mom and dad to take a proactive stance in their learning. Read with them, write stories with them, engage! Don't send them to me just yet. Truly, they do not need me.

2. Your student actively fights me.

I'm not a miracle worker; there's not much I can do if your child does not want to be with me. I'm not talking about the "new activity" hump, but the sincere lack of effort all week long, a minimal amount of time with me, and an attitude the entire time. You don't need to put us all through that.

3. You don't think it's worth the price

There's no hiding it: tutoring can be a hefty investment. Your child's personalized, individual education can be pricey. If you find yourself fighting the cost, it may not be worth it for your family -- maybe you think your child isn't benefiting anymore, or maybe you want to try someone cheaper. Whatever the (perfectly valid) reason, it's bad form to try to negotiate with someone who is educated and trained; you wouldn't do that to your doctor or lawyer. If you don't find the value, that's okay! You probably don't need tutoring.

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