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We're All Still Fighting The Covid Slide

Updated: Jan 28, 2022

COVID-19 and all its variants are still with us; teachers are overwhelmed and kids are in danger of slipping.

I wrote a few months ago about the "covid slide" and explained what, exactly, students were facing in the fall of 2020. Unfortunately, the problem has continued even as kids returned to the classroom. Between teacher and substitute shortages, COVID flare ups, and the back-and-forth year+ we've all head with virtual learning, a lot of students have started to realize trouble is on the horizon.

I encourage you, the parents, to communicate with teachers, but I have also found that it is increasingly difficult for teachers in the classroom to give kids the individual attention those kids require. They're stretched so thin (I have a teacher right now who has two hundred students!) and so many of their students have learning gaps that it's no

If you've reached that point, it may be time to invest in a tutor. The tutor can work as a go-between for you, your student, and the school/teachers. When a parent comes to me with a student who is recently struggling, the first thing I do is ask to see all the current assignments -- which is wonderfully easy when schools have material online. I am then able to find the gaps and develop programs to work on the skills that may have been missed over the last two years.

I've also found teachers welcome the additional assistance; taking a little bit off their plate benefits everyone... most especially your child.

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