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At Home Learning Help

It's official: we have started the 2020 school year and most of our kids will be virtually attending classes again.

This is so tough on families and parents.

Keeping up with your kids amounts to an extra part time job. Over the last few months, I've created a streamline system to help my students stay on task and I know just how much extra work it is!

I would love to join your student's academic team this year, but I also wanted to provide you with a few quick tips of some things I've learned to help manage the at-home school process.

  1. Have older students set an alarm or reminder for themselves to check their homework page. For younger students, parents will need to check & read out what needs to be done.

  2. Take 15 minutes at the end of the evening to check the classroom page for any child younger than high school age. Open links in tabs that your student needs to complete the next morning.

  3. Put it all away. Have a set and designated time that is SCHOOL and that is NOT SCHOOL. It's so easy for work to bleed into playtime and that just isn't fair. If something didn't get finished, everyone. will. live. Just look at it tomorrow.

  4. Use your child's friends as resources! Some kids understand concepts better than others -- and teaching an idea reinforces the learning. Get the pair of them together virtually and let them puzzle things out.

  5. When you get stuck, don't get stuck. Just put it down. It's okay. Walk away.

  6. If you're REALLY stuck, don't wait until you and your family are overwhelmed: give me a call and let's work together.

To provide families a few resources, I'm extending my Covid 20-for-20 for quick homework help for at least the duration of this calendar year. Virtual Study Groups are also available. I know putting your child in front of a computer for hours is not ideal -- but if you need an hour to get your own work done, I'm here for you.

My goal is to provide families with as many resources as possible, so if you need anything... just ask. I'll do my absolute best to provide it.

Stay healthy!


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