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What Makes A Great Tutor?

Personal tutoring gives a student an important touchstone that many schools today cannot provide. One on one, individualized attention means your child can excel at any subject, but it's important to arm yourself with a great tutor.

We at Kate's Tutoring know what it takes to make a great tutor and we're happy to say that everyone on our roster fits that bill. But maybe you're not quite sure what that means; let's break it down!

Create strong personal relationships with students.

Tutors aren't teachers or parents and that means we can fill a unique position in order to best support your child. Personal relationships are key to a child's success; we want your student to feel connected to his or her tutor, trust that tutor, and respect him or her. With that strong base, a tutor can really personalize the lessons, work within student interests, teach to strengths, and work around weaknesses.

Listen & Communicate with parents and teachers

Great tutors are part of your child's team. Teachers, parents, the student, and the tutor are all members of the support network for that student. A tutor focuses on creating goals, benchmarks, and planning to set the child up for success. Great tutors create learning plans with their students, parents, and teachers.


A truly wonderful tutor is able to make content relevant and personal by way of being a true expert in their field. They can engage their student in real-life applications of concepts and turn vague ideas into project-based activities. They craft a sense of care about the subject that challenges the student while remaining accessible.

Tutors, teachers, and parents should be working together to create a lifelong-learner. Each group brings important ideas and fresh eyes to the table and having a private tutor on the team can make everyone's lives a little more enjoyable!

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