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So your SAT or ACT keeps getting canceled...

My juniors and seniors are dealing with a monumental problem this year:

Their standardized tests (SAT or ACT) have been canceled month after month after month. What are they going to do?

It's obviously disheartening to all of us -- the students who have worked SO hard on their exams, the parents who were counting on prep to help their kids, and me! I've poured as much time in as the students and it breaks my heart to see them so frustrated and disheartened.

As the reality settles in that your student might not be taking his or her test at all, it's only natural to wonder what on earth schools are going to look at to make entrance decisions. Obviously grades will have a bigger impact (and let's make sure, especially juniors, that colleges get a GOOD PICTURE of your academic prowess) but even more crucial are your essays/personal statements and your resume. These college apps are going to put an enormous emphasis on who you are, so it's important to get a great picture ready.

With that in mind, I've prepared a new "college app" experience for my students:

We work on those essays and make sure they are beyond tip-top and showcase your VOICE (and I'm a professional writer, so you know there's experience there!). We fine tune your resumes so when you apply, they see a really awesome portrait of you as a student and a person. We create a system to make sure we get through all the applications stress-free.

It will be okay -- I'll hold your hand, we'll walk through all these steps together with as good a handle as you would've had for those tests. Drop me a line ASAP to get on the roster for your application process.

Juniors ... I suggest you register ASAP for the December and/or February tests. It's going to be a mad crush this year -- get on the books and prepare for your exams as though they're happening.

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