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How to ACE Your Midterms

It's midterm season and you don't want to get caught off guard by the big mid-year exams!

We've gathered some great tips for you to prepare yourself for your tests. If you still need help after tackling all these, drop us a line. We'll get you sorted!

  • Put your notebook (or online notes) in order. It's hard to study if you're a disorganized mess -- but even if you aren't, you probably have a TON of papers or files in there, right? You don't need every single handout, you need the quizzes and tests you took all year. Homework? Naw. You can toss things you won't need in your review sessions.

  • Review quizzes & tests. Go through them with a highlighter and note every question you missed.

  • Write out what you got wrong on clean paper

  • Find missing questions in your text. What chapter is that from? Where in the reading did you see that name? Next to the question you wrote on clean paper, write the chapter, page, and section.

  • Review Your Study Packet. Don't get one? Great, you have a ton of notes you can use.

  • Study Early... don't wait for the packet and don't wait for the week before. Do a little bit every day in the month leading up to your exam.

  • Review study packet without the book. The ones you know up down and backwards you won't need to really review as much -- you can feel good about those sections! The ones you MISS, those are the ones you want to note and make sure you do more practice problems.

  • Correct them all -- your study packet AND your old missed problems. Get the right answer, get them all.

  • Do more problems. Go back to the chapter/section of problems you missed. Pick three similar odd problems in the book (for math) or make flash cards for other subjects. Try those problems. Use the book to check your work. Get them right? Great! Wrong? Ask us for help!

  • Keep going until these problems are crazy easy.

And BOOM. You should feel so much more prepared if you follow these steps. Feel free to get in touch at any point if you hit a wall -- that's the kind of prep work your tutors will really value.

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