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Budget Friendly ACT Guide

Updated: Jan 27, 2021

Over the winter break, I spent some time brainstorming how to help prepare ALL students for the ACT exam. With that in mind, I've created a new ACT crash course, which you can check out below. I've included some examples of quick tips to help get you started; the packet is far more comprehensive. If you like what you learn, check out the whole packet!


I generally recommend the ACT over the SAT for most students -- the simplest reason being: it is an easier test. It's easier to teach, it's easier to take, and it's a more forgiving exam than the SAT. The SAT's redesign has fostered a "trick the kids" feeling that no kid needs when he or she sits down to take these monster exams. Take the one you'll do well on; for most students, that's the ACT.


The ACT has four sections: English (grammar), Math, Reading, and Science. There is also an optional essay, which I'll discuss later.

You should prepare to take it THREE TIMES. That way, if something goes wacky, you still have more opportunities to retake the test.


This is a huge, long test. But you don't have a ton of time to answer everything... So what do you do? Here it is, the big hack:

Don't answer all the questions. BUT ALWAYS, ALWAYS GUESS.

With a caveat -- obviously this doesn't work if you are aiming for a high score. But if you're struggling in the 19-21 range and want to break just a little higher, you do not need to answer every question.

Instead, you'll want to strategically skip. Which ones look hard? Go ahead and move past them quickly.

Here's the other big key: ELIMINATE ANSWER CHOICES AND GUESS. Usually there is at least one ridiculous answer you can write off.

You don't have time to get stuck, so do some elimination and guess. Then move along.


NEW ACT CRASH COURSE- We get it. One on one tutoring can get pricey. Or maybe you started studying a little bit late. Whatever the case, I've developed a new crash course to help. You'll get a 20 page PDF complete with tips and tricks as well as two complete ACT tests to help you practice. It isn't as fully comprehensive as one on one work is or will be, but it's a great place to start.

$49.99 flat, one time rate. Email for payment & delivery.

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