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Be The Best Student You Can Be This Year With These Steps

Maybe you had a rough spring term last year. Maybe your whole school year was difficult; you struggled with motivation, with enthusiasm...

We have a fresh start waiting for us right now! Let's get off on the right foot with these simple steps.

  1. Get Organized. Great students know where everything is and can tackle any task right away. Keep your books and binders neat and your to-do list handy.

  1. Make a schedule. Knowing that from 3-5pm, you tackle your homework takes the effort of finding time off your plate. Block that time out for homework and nothing else. Don't forget to schedule in some breaks too!

  2. Forget multitasking. It doesn't work. Just put your phone down.

  3. Take notes in class. It keeps you engaged AND it gives you something to review when you're struggling with assignments or need to study for that final.

  1. Start the project NOW. When you get a big paper or project, don't shove it in a drawer for "later". Start it now. Even if it's just a little thing like choosing the book you'll read or getting an idea of the thesis. Start today. This makes it easier to pick it back up every few days and do a little bit at a time.

  2. Make a great evening routine. You should've finished your homework during your HW block after school; put everything in its place and pack it up ready to go in the morning. Get a good night's sleep and prep for a simple, easy morning to get out the door.

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