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At Home Learning Resources

There are so, so many resources available to families right now, but they're also spread all over the internet! To help make things a little easier, here are some tried n true websites that I've grouped by general age and skill.

PreK - Upper Elementary

  1. Reading: -- Storytime for kids! Available via YouTube or other online players.

  2. General Resource: -- If you live in LA County, you can get a library card!

  3. Science & Geography: -- Beautiful resources for natural science and for exploring our world at large

  4. Enrichment: -- I grew up in the Washington D.C. area and hold the Smithsonian in a special place. Now we can ALL experience the best of our national museums.

  5. Math: -- Gameify math! Free app, no scores, no tests, just making math fun. I use this one with my students all the time to foster a healthy love of math. It's all around us and not scary!

  6. Donald in Mathmagic Land -- Spark an interest in more than just flat numbers!

Middle School

  1. Math: -- find and drill problem areas in math.

  2. Connections: -- this one is best used with a guide or a tutor, but if you have a self-starter it can be a GREAT resource to connect subjects and topics with music.

  3. Social Studies / Current Events: -- now more than ever it is important for our kids to learn to think critically about the world around them. This site curates news articles for students.

High School

  1. ACT/SAT Prep -- At the very least, buy the Official ACT Prep Guide (the Red Book) or the Official SAT Prep Guide. Those have the REAL tests. For these monster exams, I strongly recommend study sessions with a guide.

  2. AP Classes -- I also recommend study sessions!

  3. English: -- Common literature for high school aged students.

  4. English: -- I'm sure some teachers hate SparkNotes, but when used as a resource (not a primary source) it can help add a wonderful layer to a student's understanding of literature!

  5. Writing: -- Why on earth would you memorize citation styles anymore? Free that brain space.

  6. Math:

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