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I get it... I'm a creative too.

I have spent years in the industry and have seen my friends struggle with the "practicals". My wonderfully talented friends who can get up and deliver scene after scene, script after script, just cannot maintain a budget. It's overwhelming. Where do you start? How do you taxes?!

In a one on one setting designed for an artist's budget, I will walk you through how to:

  • create a monthly and yearly budget

  • set aside money for taxes if you freelance

  • cut expenses

  • save to pay off debt

  • and save for your future!

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Artists Shouldn't Starve.

Because my background is in teaching, we take an interactive approach: you learn and you implement. I just give you the tools, recommendations, and help hold your hand until your feet are under you. I have run many productions that have never gone over budget and, of course, I maintain my own very meticulous budget.

We can also do things like develop your inquiry letter, guide you to an effective pitch *for you*, and help get your "business house" in order.

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