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Help! My Child HATES Reading! Free tips for encouraging a love of reading

Let's be real:

THIS STARTS AT HOME. No tutor for an hour a week is going to really be able to foster a love of reading.

That's not to say having a private tutor as a resource will hurt, it won't, and it absolutely can help push your child into a healthier mindset, but this takes at-home work too. Here are some free tips to try at home...

1. Encourage reading by putting absolutely NO restrictions on fun books. Picture book? great. totally fine. Comic? sure. Chapter? Awesome. Doesn't matter. When it's "for fun", she can read anything she wants. Don't worry about age level or difficulty. It doesn't matter.

2. "Push back" bedtime by 10 minutes for nights he reads in bed. It makes him feel like he's winning something AND encourages an awesome habit of reading before lights out. Use that fun book! If your child is young, mom/dad reading to him counts -- read together.

3. Sight word flash cards can be found on Amazon. Spend some time, go through them. (I lied, this obviously isn't free, but it's the price of flash cards!)

4. WRITE. Encourage her to make up stories. Write them with her and encourage her to write them on her own too. Then let her illustrate them.

If you're looking for a tutor for early reading, I'd highly encourage you to try these tips and ideas first -- sometimes they'll do the trick and you can save your money!

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